Web Advertising

We can get your web site up on 2o+ business directories for free to get you started. We offer SEO programming services as well as social media auto posting solutions to save you time and get you more explosure on Twitter and your Business Page of FaceBook.

Advertising on the web is critical and we can show you how to get your 100 character caption out free to the world.

We can help you with non pay per click, (unlimited clicks), flat rate, web adveritsing programs that are less than $80/ year, getting your full page web ad out on over 2o web directories and 30+ blog sites for more exposure on the web and to help drive more traffic to your site. The web full page ads are a separate html page that the major search engines like Google pick up. You can edit your ad as often as desired with No Editing costs as your ad is customed controlled by you with your pictures and 700 characters of text to promote your services and products. Your web full page ad changes are shown to the world the next business day and have up to 3 hyperlinks to your web site, up to 4 social media hyperlinks, and links to Google, Bing and Yahoo for your web site.

As you see from the home page of this site, we can get your ad out on 30+ blog sites!

We also can help set up new WordPress Blog Site(s) for you that auto post to your Twitter and FaceBook accounts. This means you only do a post in your WordPress Blog account and within the hour, the same post is broadcasted to your Twitter account and your Business Page of your FaceBook account.

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